The Ion Cleanse Research – the Science Behind Foot Baths


A lot of studies have been conducted on the science behind ion cleanses. The top component of the cleansing agent is a substance called oleuropein that is found in green tea, and ionic cleanse research has shown it is very effective. The reason why this is so effective is that these natural nutrients destroy free radicals, which are responsible for causing damage to the body, including signs of aging.Free radicals are toxins that cause the oxidation of the body. Oxidation of the body can lead to deterioration of the cells and organs in the body. Most of the time, the free radicals come from processed food, bath and cleaning products, and even the polluted air in the environment around us.

In America, an excess of foods that are high in sugar, sodium, and trans fats have caused many chronic health problems. Changing your diet to include fresh vegetables and reducing processed and fast food can reverse the damage. Not as much can be done about pollutants in the environment other than regular detoxifying programs. Ion cleanse research has shown that one way to fight these kinds of problems is to use products that are designed to eliminate toxic elements naturally. The technology for an ion foot bath is used achieve this using only biodegradable or natural materials. With a relaxing soak, you can improve your health, boost your immune system, increase liver and kidney function, feel more mentally focused, lose weight, and recover your energy. Eventually, it will show in smoother, clearer skin.

Getting your health back can take some time. Depending on your current health, it can take a few weeks or months to detox the body enough to see real changes. Develop a routine for your detox regimen. Talk to your doctor about starting a new diet and lifestyle, and you will see faster results. Ion cleanse research shows that a person who undergoes an ionic foot cleanse and keeps it up for several months, will see a dramatic change in their health. Combine this method with other natural detox programs too. Once your organs are working efficiently, you will be able to efficiently remove more toxins on your own with increased liver function. It is the liver that helps remove waste like damaged cells and toxins from the body.

It is a simple fact that the body will build up waste over time. Only certain organs are involved in removing them. When organs like the liver start to slow down, it harder to cleanse the body. The benefits of ionic cleanse research is shown to benefit both women and men. Search online for ion cleanse products and learn about ionic foot baths and more. You are sure to see colon cleanses, diet cleanses, and liver cleanses. Make sure you choose only natural remedies to avoid adding more toxins to your body.A cleanse does not have to be difficult or harsh. They can be done at home or in a spa environment or clinic.