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I strain it out and Use it as a spray so and then if you just want to broadcast this you know geta whole bunch of it and broadcast .

Property Valuation Report About Sydney
Property Valuation Report About Sydney

it you’re looking at two pounds per  square feet two pounds per square feet and you can broadcast

that out and it’s like say another great fungicide soum something else I have here is just white distilled vinegar so you know roundup is horrible horrible stuff so for my friends in Canada.

I think it’s great up there that you can’t even buy the stuff in the stores you know that’s great I wish we kind of followed suit but there’s just way too many pesticides and herbicides and just bad nasty

chemicals that people are using so good natural way for weed control instead of using roundup is one gallon of this white vinegar is use it straight one.

whole gallon of white vinegar and to it you’re going to want to add two tablespoons of orange oil and then just a squirt of liquid soap so I Guess I just a squirt of soap.

that justagain with all these remedies that involve the liquid soap it’s basically just breaking the surface tension up and you know letting it stick to the plantar to.

the leaves to do its job a little bit better so just straight straight vinegar  tablespoons of orange oil you can get orange oil at any good nursery to call your local nursery see if.

they carry orange oil it’s cheap and you know it’s a it’s a great product for a great alternative to chemical chemicals like roundup for weeds and stuff like that so definitely check it out another good insecticide.

if you have problems with bugs or ant carpenter ants or different things like that a good insecticide it’s just using any type of cooking oil so there’s three tablespoons of oil tablespoons of liquid soap one gallon of water and you got yourself a really good insecticides you know