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where does that go in the end well even today you know they say over and over again there was no collusion when we have the June th meeting with and Paul Frankfort and Jared Lushness with emissaries from Russia now they claim they didn’t get any you know negative.

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opposition research on Hillary Clinton out of the deal but they certainly tried that is colluding to by definition and yet they keep saying there was no collusion you know my concern is that we have a lot of pieces you know but we look at this almost as a mosaic and we.

look at one piece at a time that we often lose the big narrative picture you know not you you do a good job of pulling it together Rachel but at media overall.

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we rushed from one little new tidbit or nugget a revelation or new lie found out yeah to the next one and you.

Got to you know if you sit back and you look at what he did in terms of not telling the public about dealing with Russia what they’ve done about colluding when they have colluded and you know throughout the campaign kept saying that the Russians had nothing to do with it his own campaign.

Advisers knew they were told that Russia wanted to help Business Strategy that’s the big importance of the June th meeting so you put all that stuff together and it’s no longer just smoke it’s fire this is a cover-up they’ve been stonewalling again and again was trying to do business with Russia and then six months later Russia’s trying to help the campaign it’s not very complicated but I think in our current sort of one-party rule in Congress and the White House.


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I want to essentially digress to tell you about some biology and in fact in fact tell you about how your gut and mine also have origami like structures so these were experiments that we did in collaboration with actually a group at Harvard in the medical school a couple of years ago and in cliff cave-ins group they basically study how embryos essentially develop various aspects of that in particular they over here what you see is a chick embryo this is essentially what early eventually.

Become the brain that eventually become the backbone and the organ of interest for this little part of the talk is the gut which is a simple tube okay that tube isa few millimeters in length when the chick is about three days old after the sperm and the egg essentially.

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come together and about ten days later that God has become rather long and all convoluted okay and you can see progression.

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As a function of time that’s not what I really want to tell you about except to point out unimportant principle which allows us to explain allowed us to explain how this coiling occurs and it occurred because two different tissues which we reconnected to each other were growing but they were not growing at the same rates the gut is a tube the tube is attached to the body by a piece of tissue the gut grows at one rate the two girls at a different rate if the tube ingrowing faster than the gut then the guts essentially.

Going to be put into some sort of compression and when you put it into compression this is the pattern that you get and to show that that is the case if you take the gut and you cutaway the tissue in the gut straightens out okay so that’s basically the message that I’d like you to take away from this because it’s going to come up in couple of minutes different at different locations and you can even build physical models of this to show.